Stress Buster Special:  ​$280. regular $380.  save $100.00

Are Youstressed out? Need to relax and unwind?  Do you have a hard time "leaving work at work" and instead carry worries with you the rest of the day?

This is a one month package consisting of  4 relaxation massages; 4 ionic foot detoxes; 4 chi treatments.  Massage, foot detox and chi treatment to be use once a week for 4 weeks.  Each weekly treatment will be approximately 2 hrs. in length and the massage will have aromatherapy oils incorporated within it.      Learn More About Stress     

Super Detox and Relaxation Special:  $100.00 regular $220. save $120.00

Are You Stresses out, need to unwind and detox your body?  If you need to unwind and also detox your body this is the package for you. It includes a Seaweed Body Wrap, a relaxation massage, an ionic foot detox, a facial and a paraffin hand wax treatment.   (Massage and body wrap can not be done the same day.)

Monthly Spa Treatments: $120.00 per Month = one treatment per week.  (4 x per Month)

Pick from the following Treatments .  (Treatment can be switched up each week  eg. week 1- massage, week 2 - facial, week 3 - massage, week 4 - Foot detoxing )

Massage, Indian Head Massage,  Magnetic Massage, Facials, Chi Treatments, Ionic Foot Detoxing, Paraffin Wax Hand or Foot Treatments, Pastlife Regression,  Magnet Therapy, Body Scrubs, and Microdermabrasion.


$120.00 per Month = one treatment every two weeks  (2 x per Month)

Sea Weed Body Wraps, Accessing Your Bars, Hot Stone Massage.

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